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Welcome to Reflexology. Open again from 19th April 2021

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Welcome to Reflexology - It is back! Re-opening from 19th April 2021

I am so pleased to announce that from Monday 19th April 2021 I will be re-opening my Treatment Room for face-to-face treatments. It will be tiny steps as we all ease ourselves back to a "new normal".
Please bear with me. All existing clients will be contacted with an invitation to book a treatment during the next few weeks.
New clients are welcome from May onwards so please contact me to register your interest.

Reflexology is a very relaxing, non-invasive therapy that aims to assist relaxation, stress management, and improve the overall functions of the body. Reflexologists use fingertip pressure and massage techniques over certain points on the hands and feet. These points are known as Reflexes. Reflexologists work sensitively over the reflexes with the intention of relaxing, calming, and balancing all systems of the body. The aim is to provide a person with quality relaxation and an improved sense of wellbeing.
We all know that relaxation can be difficult when we are experiencing difficulties and challenges in life. Sometimes we need a little help to learn how to relax. Regular Reflexology treatments can certainly help with this.

I believe that Reflexology given regularly can improve many imbalances that arise from unmanaged stress. In my practice, over the past 11 years, I have had excellent results in helping clients with sleep problems, digestive disturbances, and much more. Reflexology is not a science but thanks to the Association of Reflexologists of whom I am a member, there is a surprising amount of research that has been undertaken to provide evidence of the benefits of Reflexology.

Regular Reflexology treatments help to reduce stress and tension and elicit a relaxation response. When a person truly relaxes, their parasympathetic nervous system is activated and closes down the sympathetic nervous system. All good for de-stressing and rebalancing all the systems in the body. Unmanaged stress and tension can cause so many upsets in the body like poor sleep patterns, digestive disturbances, low immune system, Migraines, and headaches to list just a few.

This is what we do know about Reflexology.
Reflexology improves your sense of well-being. It is very relaxing.
Reflexology aids sleep and may help to encourage improved patterns of sleep.
Reflexology restores energy levels and many clients notice this after 3-4 regular treatments
Reflexology can soothe and improve your digestive system with regular treatments.
Reflexology does help your body to maintain its natural balance. Again this is over time. Regular treatments give the best results.
The most popular frequency for treatments is once a month or every 6 weeks.

In between your treatments, self-help Reflexology on your hands and feet is recommended and encouraged.

For regular clients I offer self-help cards or if you prefer digital copies of self-help techniques for you to use Reflexology on your hands.

Reflexology. Note to Self

Regular Reflexology treatments are an important part of making sure you look after yourself.

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