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Mindfulness is a practice that assists a person to manage general anxiety and their responses to stressful events.
Life can throw up many extremely difficult experiences, events, and challenges. From early childhood right through to old age. It doesn't matter what age you are. You are never too old to learn Mindfulness, a skill that changes the way that you manage your responses to difficulties in life.

I came across Mindfulness about ten years ago. I was just turned 50. Life had thrown me some curveballs and many of them had created some pretty deep and damaging responses like depression and fear. I have to say that Mindfulness made a huge change to my emotional and physical wellbeing. Not overnight! It has taken many years of daily practice to be able to manage challenges and events with a Mindful attitude and sometimes I fail and get those old familiar feelings of fear, self-doubt, depression, and anxiety.

Daily Practice I hear you exclaim! Please don't be alarmed. You don't have to sit in an uncomfortable position like a Meditation Guru. Mindfulness practice is not like that.

Please bear with me as these Mindfulness pages are still under construction. If you arrive here and want to know more about my classes and courses, please give me a ring or email me.
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