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Weekly Online Sessions - Monday evenings 7.30-8.45pm & Thursday afternoons 2.30-3.45pm. Upcoming Courses - April, May & June 2021

Mindfulness classes & courses .

Mindfulness is a practice that assists a person to manage general anxiety and their responses to stressful events.
Life can throw up many extremely difficult experiences, events, and challenges, from early childhood right through to old age. It doesn't matter what age you are, you're never too young or too old to learn a new skill that changes the way that you manage your responses to difficulties in life.

I came across Mindfulness about ten years ago. I was just turned 50. Life had thrown me some curveballs and many of them had created some pretty deep and damaging responses like depression and fear. I have to say that Mindfulness has made a huge change to my emotional and physical wellbeing. It has taken many years of daily practice to be able to manage challenges and events with a Mindful attitude and even then, sometimes I fail and get those old familiar feelings of fear, self-doubt, depression, and anxiety.

Regular ONLINE weekly drop-in sessions for adults are available.
Please email for the booking and payment instructions "CLICK HERE"=
Monday evenings 7.30-8.45pm £5
Thursday afternoons 2.30-3.45pm £5
Please email for the booking and payment instructions

No previous experience is required.
Your first visit is offered FREE of charge

I run small groups of no more than 10 attendees for each session

You will need an internet connection
A place in your home where you can be quiet and undisturbed if possible.
A comfortable chair or sofa, a warm blanket, pillow/cushion.
Headphones are optional
We meet and greet and then you are welcome to turn off your camera if you wish to.
All attendees are muted during the practice session.
You do not have to commit to every week, although many people look forward to the weekly group practice. The sessions are relaxing, informal, and offer an experience of Mindfulness practice, rather than the structured learning experience of an 8 Week Mindfulness Course.
During the Covid-19 restrictions, all Mindfulness and Meditation classes and courses are offered online for the foreseeable future
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Mindfulness classes & courses . 3weekcourse

Upcoming Courses

3-week Online introduction to Mindfulness Course for beginners.
Tuesday 13th, 20th & 27th April at 7- 8.30 pm. Fee: £15
We all have moments of feeling overwhelmed with life. I know from my personal experience that Mindfulness is a useful life skill to have. It’s not weird, it’s not a religion. It is a practical skill. I describe it as a lifesaver in the sense that it creates a space of much-needed quietness in my mind. It helps me to cope with my life. Mindfulness is an excellent skill to help with awareness of our stress responses. If you are looking for a way to help with stress management, I recommend Mindfulness Practice.
Please email for more information and for booking/payment details"CLICK HERE"

8 week Online Mindfulness Course.
Thursday 28th April - Thursday 17th June 2021
Fee: £140
This is a life-changing course that will provide you with a full understanding of Mindfulness for improved emotional and physical wellbeing.
The course is designed to be experiential and each of the 2 hourly sessions is carefully structured to allow you the time to learn the concepts of Mindfulness and also to experience different guided Mindful practices that you can use at home from week one. This course is an opportunity to learn basic neuroscience, how your mind works, the fight/ flight response, and the benefits of relaxation and stress management. Ease your stress and enjoy life more. Create more time for fun. Improve your relationship with yourself and others.
There is an option for you to keep a practice journal for 6 weeks of the course. This is not obligatory but is strongly advised as it will help you to embody Mindfulness with guidance from your teacher.
Payment installments are available.
Please email for a full overview of this course and to book/payment details"CLICK HERE"

Mindfulness classes & courses . Hellomindlogo

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