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Mindfulness for Young People The Kids Programme 7-11yrs & SOMA Programme 12-21yrs


Youth Mindfulness .

The Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme

I offer two very comprehensive and experiential Mindfulness courses for young people.
Both courses are available for online delivery and in some cases for schools, youth groups, and charity organisations face-to-face.
The Kids Programme is not always offered in a school setting, they can be offered as private individual sessions with parents and their children and Community Youth Groups.
For schools please contact me for an overview and a quote.


Imagine if children learned they could transform their own minds...

Imagine if they knew how to grow compassion...

Imagine if they developed the resilience to meet challenges...

Imagine the future they could shape for themselves.

Fun & Inspiring Curriculum
(7-11year olds)
16 lessons packed with games, activities, videos and meditations the kids will love!
curriculum kids will love

The truth is... kids won't want to learn mindfulness if they think it's boring and focusing on the breath sounds kind of boring to most kids.

This is why it's so important to make mindfulness fun and offer a curriculum kids will love.

The Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme is 16 one-hour lessons, jam-packed with games, videos and activities that make mindfulness interesting and inspiring for 7-11-yrs

Organisations and Schools, to register your interest for information regarding the content of the Youth Mindfulness Kids Progamme and pricing "CLICK HERE"

Youth Mindfulness .


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